GMO Backlash Picking up Traction

An upsurge in U.S. consumer concern made 2010 an unprecedented year in raising awareness about the dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The Non-GMO Project Verified label is rolling out in stores, including Down to Earth, and non-GMO soldiers Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology and Health Ranger Mike Adams are doing a lot to get the word out on this important issue.

Gratitude for Animals is a Necessary Part of Permaculture

A new book criticizing vegetarianism and veganism is making a splash in the UK. Reviewers have called it "groundbreaking" and "life changing." After reading the book, George Monbriot, a well known environmentalist and advocate of veganism, has reversed his position and is now advocating eating animal flesh, as long as the animal has been sustainably raised. The book causing all the fuss was written by Simon Fairlie, a farmer with experience in permaculture, which is a type of agriculture that seeks to mimic natural ecosystems. The book is called Meat: A Benign Extravagance.

Give Thanks by Fighting Hunger with Meatless Monday

As most Americans prepare to stuff their bellies beyond good measure this Thursday, I see the usual calls in the news to volunteer at a food bank to fight hunger or to help feed the homeless. I myself spent one Thanksgiving serving out food to homeless folks at a soup kitchen in San Diego, feeling good that I was doing my part before going home to overindulge (albeit of the vegetarian variety).

The Power of a Twelve Year Old Optimist

People tell me I'm an idealist, as if pitying me for living in a disappointing world of unreality. I have to admit that as I've aged, the inner idealism has grown some crusty, hardened edges from the inevitable battles we all face in life. Yet I maintain that a hopeful, positive outlook is the only way to stay sane in a world gone mad. So when I hear stories like that of Koa Halpern, [1] I take courage, and feel a sense of renewal.

Do we really have to choose between health and a healthy economy?

You may have noticed an article floating around the web recently with the provocative headline <a data-cke-saved-href="" href="/%3Ca%20href%3D"">" target"="">“Eat a Carrot, Hurt the Economy? Sometimes.” Reporter Maria Cheng went on to describe a recent study apparently demonstrating that a global initiative to promote a healthy diet could result in dramatic losses for the economies of meat-exporting countries like Brazil.

Singer Joni Mitchell Suffering From Morgellons, A Terrifying New Disease Possibly Linked to GMO Contamination

When I first read a description of the symptoms of Morgellons Disease, it sounded too bizarre to be true. People describe itching, burning and the sensation of bugs crawling underneath their skin. Lesions develop that never heal, and parasites crawl out from open sores. Fibers of unknown origin and various colors appear beneath the skin and sometimes protrude, causing sharp pains. Could this be real? People suffering from Morgellons report that they are frequently diagnosed as delusional and prescribed antidepressant or antipsychotic medication.

Lower Cholesterol Naturally

True or False? • Dietary cholesterol can only be had from animal products. • Cholesterol is naturally found in the human body. • Some vegetarian foods, while not containing cholesterol, can raise cholesterol levels in your body. • Eating a whole foods diet and exercising can be as effective as taking pharmaceutical drugs for lowering cholesterol. • Cholesterol lowering drugs are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in America. • About 40 million American adults have high cholesterol. (1)

Meatless Monday a hot culinary trend for 2011

On an otherwise slow day for restaurants, chefs are finding that the ever-expanding Meatless Monday trend is good for business. Predicted as a hot culinary trend for 2011 by restaurant consultant Andrew Freeman & Co., veggies are expected to see a rise in popularity as stated in their recently released 2011 Trend List. According to Freeman & Co, "Even meat-minded chefs are vegging out as flexitarian goes mainstream. Meatless Mondays and vegetable based tasting menus are gaining traction as guests realize it’s not all about the meat on the plate."

"Natural Flavoring" could be Beaver Anal Secretions...

Are you really a vegetarian? Mightn't you unknowingly be ingesting a variety of slaughtered animal products deceptively listed on food packaging as, "natural flavors"?

I always wondered about that term, finding it on ketchup bottles, soup packets and many other places. I called a big name ketchup company once to find out what exactly that meant. After literally hours on the phone I ended up with nothing.

Pop Quiz: For Breast Cancer Prevention, Collards, Carrots, or KFC?

Over the last month, while the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign was in full swing, some have questioned the effectiveness of what they call “pink washing,” or slapping everything from lipstick to a Ford Mustang with a pink ribbon and selling it in the name of breast cancer advocacy.