For over 35 years, Down to Earth has been helping Hawaii residents improve their health through fresh, local, organic & natural products and a vegetarian lifestyle. In their testimonials below, customers explain how products we sell have helped them. Take a look! Perhaps you will find a nugget of information that will benefit you in your own life. 

All Natural Skin Care Products

Photo: Tracy M.

“I like to use skin care products that are made without artificial ingredients. While shopping for some lotion at Down to Earth one day, I was talking with one of the workers there who explained to me that your skin is your largest organ and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it. I had never thought of it that way before! Now, it is more important than ever to me to use skin care products with all natural and organic ingredients!!" ~Tracy M.

Amazing Customer Service: Down to Earth Kailua

Photo: Myla Fe Poh

"I just wanted to tell you about the amazing customer service I received last night in your Kailua store. I was telling Jade about how Kyle from Life Foods gave me a $1.00 off coupon but I left it at home and she gave me her coupon from her wallet! Amazing! I'm cooking them tonight for dinner!"

Myla Fe Poh

Arnica Helps Bruising

Photo: Melissa R.

“While swimming recently, a boat crashed into my arm as I tried to swim out of its way, leaving my arm bruised and sore. I went to Down to Earth to see if they had anything to relieve the pain. The wellness person there suggested I try Arnica. She said that Arnica is known to help with bruising and swelling, so I gave it a try. Almost immediately, the swelling and pain subsided. The bruise was gone in just a couple of days. I was glad to have learned of this product. Using it was much better than if I had just waited for my arm to heal on its own.” ~Melissa R.

BioKleen Liquid Laundry Soap

Photo: Nancy Newman

Besides all the great produce, nuts, seeds, prepared foods, and all the other wonderful items at Down to Earth I've enjoyed in the 20+ years I've been on Maui, the newest products I've started using are the BioKleen Liquid Laundry Soap and Powdered Fabric Whitener/Color-Safe products. I am very impressed with the value and how well they work on all my laundry. And are totally safe for the environment. Keep bringing all these wonderful products to us!! ~Nancy N.

Curamin Keeps Headaches at Bay

Photo: Barry L.

"For years, I've suffered from intense headaches. When I moved to Hawaii 3 years ago, I went in search of a natural remedy at Down to Earth. They told me to try Curamin. It contains all natural ingredients that work with the body's own response to pain (such as maximizing blood flow, endorphins and helping with inflammation). Surprisingly, it worked! I love sailing and other outdoor sports and the Curamin really helps to keep my headaches at bay." ~Barry L.

Down to Earth Maui: Gracious Staff

Photo: Down to Earth Customer

When I walk in to your store, I immediately feel that I am part of the family. The staff is always gracious and helpful. It makes the shopping experience much more enjoyable. Thank you, Maui Down to Earth Employees!

Down to Earth Rocks!

Photo: Irene Mina

I love DTE, because of the great shopping convince of it central location, great family atmosphere of employees, delicious and nutritious foods, love your cooking and educational classes, great local produce and love your prices!!! Love your sales and e mail newsletters. With your addition of your facebook site, its updated with the latest and current news, notices, events, legislation bills and what's happening in the world. You RocK~ Irene P.

Down to Earth Wailuku Memories...

Photo: David J.

I remember when you all started on Vineyard and Central in Wailuku. My dad used to come by and get carrot pulp from your carrot juicer to use in his compost. Thanks for expanding throughout the state. You are a great company and we need more vegetarian companies. - David J.