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Down to Earth Wins 2018 “Best Health Food Store” Award… Yet Again!

Photo: Down to Earth 2018 Best Health Food Store award

We are thrilled to report that once again readers of the Star-Advertiser voted Down to Earth “2018 Best Health Food Store.” This year’s contest includes the new Vegetarian category, for which we earned “Finalist.”  The announcement was made in the Star-Advertiser’s 2018 Hawaii’s Best edition, which was published on June 17th. As many of you know, this vote is the result of their annual “People’s Choice Awards,” which every year asks readers to name their “Best” choice in a variety of categories. 

Talk Story with the Love Life! Team

Meal Prep: How and Why

Photo: Woman preparing vegetables

Meal prepping seems to be a trend that’s decided to stay. Instagram is plastered with pictures of perfectly packaged Tupperware, all stacked and labeled in a flawlessly organized fridge. While the uniformly packaged meals look appetizing, this isn’t a realistic portrayal of what meal prep is. Keep reading for some tips to make meal prep more manageable.

Featured Article

Celebrate Earth Day with a Work Day at Aloha Animal Sanctuary

Photo Illustration: Earth with continents of fresh green sprouts

Do you know the origin of Earth Day? On January 28, 1969, an oil well drilled off the coast of Santa Barbara, California blew out spewing more than three million gallons of oil and killing over 10,000 seabirds, dolphins, seals, and sea lions.

Health Tip

Beyond the Nutrition Facts Label: Ingredients Matter

Photo: Packaged Food on Down to Earth Shelf

There is no denying that reading the Nutrition Facts Label is important when you are shopping for food. With nutrition facts focusing on serving size and nutrients such as calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbohydrate and protein, the actual ingredients that go into food items are often overlooked. A food item may fit into your requirements for calories or other parameters but may be filled with highly-processed or artificial ingredients. Refined grains, added sugar, and hydrogenated oils in excess can all have negative effects on your health and increase your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

'Ekahi Corner

Blue Zones: The Key to Living Longer?

Photo: A cove in Sardinia, Italy

Okinawa in Japan, Sardinia in Italy, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Icaria in Greece, and Loma Linda in California. What do these five regions have in common? At first glance, the answer seems unclear. But these were the five regions chosen by author Dan Buettner, in partnership with National Geographic and the National Institute on Aging, after scouring the world for the regions where people live the longest.

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