Managing Stress this Fall

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The school year is in full swing. You may start to experience the shifts we all have to make to navigate the transition from summer to fall. We may be trying to coordinate new schedules by setting up daily routines that help us feel more organized.

No matter how you experience this time of year, there are adjustments we all make to gather ourselves up after the carefree months of summer, so we can feel newly grounded and focused. During this transition, yoga will help you to find the balance you need.

Blue Zones: The Key to Living Longer?

Okinawa in Japan, Sardinia in Italy, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Icaria in Greece, and Loma Linda in California. What do these five regions have in common? At first glance, the answer seems unclear. But these were the five regions chosen by author Dan Buettner, in partnership with National Geographic and the National Institute on Aging, after scouring the world for the regions where people live the longest.

Why Meditation Makes You More Productive

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In 2015, Americans worked 1779 hours per person – making us 7th on the list of hardest working countries. On average, that’s a little over 8 hours per day. Honolulu with it’s laid-back atmosphere and sandy beaches wasn’t necessarily exempt from this trend either – it’s one of the earliest rising cities in America, with the average worker arriving to work at 7:29 AM. Americans work hard – but are we working efficiently?

Your Guide for Holiday Heart Health!

Christmas and New Years are often a time for gathering, for family, and for celebration. It's a joyous time for many – but even the most memorable holidays can be fraught with chaos and stress. After all, it’s tough to unwind when there are presents to purchase, meals to prepare, and parties to plan. Without taking time off for yourself, you might just find yourself rushing into the New Year as tired as you were before the holidays. Here are some tips that’ll help you unwind, as well as make each day a positive and productive one. 

What’s the Point of Yoga in the Ornish Program?

The American Heart Association recommends yoga to boost your heart health. But how does yoga boost heart health? When most people think of yoga, they think of working up a sweat while flowing to a musical beat or twisting one’s body into a pretzel. But at Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, yoga isn’t about exercise – it’s about simplicity, gentleness, ease, and stress management. It’s about guiding us inward, and returning us to a place of healing.